Commercial Interiors Arboretum Club House

Designing a clubhouse and amenity spaces that paid homage to the surrounding great live oak trees was an organic experience.  We got to work with a young developer with a creative vision for preserving nature in the middle of tremendous urban growth.  The process was refreshing and inspiring.  Assisting with all aspects of the townhouse complex from the exterior to the interiors allowed us to maintain a botanical feel and modern classic aesthetic for the entire community.  Everything had to embrace a sense of welcome, calm energy and a pet friendly vibe.  The inviting pool and neighborhood garden make for an atmosphere of old fashioned way of life.  Catering to a mixed audience meant selecting multipurpose, hard working and beautiful furniture that flowed together while appealing to every age group.  We channeled a sophisticated bohemian style that complimented the contemporary farmhouse architecture and welcomes multiple activities and entertainment events.  The clubhouse includes a swing space that has a pool table which converts into a large dining table inviting all kinds of celebrations.  Each townhome is generously appointed with a lot of storage, natural light and private outdoor space.  The fit and finishes accommodate all styles of interiors starting at each front door area which provides for individual personalization.   Sensible layouts, clean lines, tasteful fixtures from fans to appliances constitute a smart well organized place to call home in our ever so complicated times.  It takes a village and this one delivers what we all seek from our dwellings.