Michael Best Law Firm

Creating a successful working environment for the Michael Best Law Firm was a welcome challenge.  The practice of law is a highly respected profession with top level standards which we kept in mind every step of the way.  It was an honor for our design firm to work with the Michael Best team closely throughout the entire transition from one firm and location to another.  The architect, David Lisle, laid the brilliant groundwork for a stunning space, allowing us to make selections that complimented the architecture and the distinct taste of the managing partner.  The aesthetic direction was to make sure the customers as well as the staff experienced a very calming place to meet, work and be productive.  This was achieved by making sure each of the surfaces, materials, finishes, office and lounge furniture collections and art all offered a positive interaction.  Every selection was thoughtful in terms of ultimately bringing a sense of calm and being harmonious.  The director of human resources was involved with all of the decisions and kept the project on track as the company made tremendous changes in the middle of the build out.  Everyone worked seamlessly together from beginning to end.  

We also had the pleasure of consulting the law firm's business neighbor, Safe Harbour Wealth Management, on their office interiors since the two companies incorporated a shared access.  This relationship meant making sure the interior design styles were integral in terms of flow, quality and the general feel.  The two companies required different levels of assistance which was a fun experience to navigate.