Blue Surf Restaurant Interiors

One of the most rewarding projects we have enjoyed working on was to provide the restaurant interiors for the Blue Surf Restaurant at Arboretum West.  We started working with the proprietors who referred us to the client and a great relationship developed.  The architecture by Cothran Harris gave us wonderful elements to draw from and build upon. Good bones are always desirable in restaurant interiors as well as fine dining!  We were charged with the goal of creating an environment that was coastal, while inland, and a hip, comfortable hang out.  We felt it was important to pair the healthy minded menu with a pure, uncluttered space that gives the sense of calm but evokes the beach at every glance.  The restaurant environment was designed to have an indoor-outdoor experience drawing guests to the full outdoor bar, through a big garage door, opening up the two spaces.  A Biltmore sized fireplace enhances the outdoor dining space and creates a beach bonfire like mood! The fireplace is made of tabby (a masonry material using sand and crushed oyster shells) and can be seen while driving along the main thoroughfare. The tabby material inspired the custom dining table tops that were locally made by Mann’s Creative Designs, of concrete with sand.  Using a high quality island-worthy teak furniture collection was key to maximizing the coastal vibe inside and out.  The owners and managing partner/chef have intelligent business appetites that were an absolute pleasure to feed with our creative restaurant design solutions.