Our Mission

Designing spaces can be a complicated and overwhelming experience. Most people need help to achieve the end product they desire. Smith Gsell Design Studio listens to your needs and helps create your vision. Our goal is to provide the most beautiful space, that meets all the specified needs and is finished on time and on budget. Let the SGDS design team make the process an enjoyable reality.

Besides creating beautiful spaces, we are committed to bringing clean drinking water to communities all over the world. Through Charitywater.org we will donate 10% of every project to contribute to the global efforts of this organization. Our donation goes to providing safe, sustainable water access to communities in need and making sure these communities gain knowledge of the hygiene and sanitation practices that will make them healthier. Our donation goal of $10,000 will provide clean water to an entire community. Please help us to reach our goal and make an impact in a rural area today.

We create CLEAN lines in our design and support CLEAN water for the world!